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News Blockchain. What is an IEO?

5 Powerful Questions to Ask Before Any Investment

Have you done in-depth research about the project? Which exchanges will participate in an IEO? Do you understand the KYC requirements of exchange? What are the available crypto payment options? Are you from a restricted country? Read More. Blockchain Trending Crypto.

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Favor management teams working in the same sector as their previous successes. Do they plan to sell their project to a bigger mining company with the technical expertise to turn it into a mine?

5 Questions to Ask Before Your Invest In Your Business

Or are they explorers hoping to be miners without the requisite experience to make that happen? Another critical question is share ownership. Another way to put this is: how much skin do they have in the game?

Like real estate investing, when purchasing shares in mining companies a good rule of thumb is location, location, location. Indeed, the history of mining is littered with stories of mining permits being suddenly canceled by unscrupulous or cash-poor governments tempted to use mining properties as an ATM. Fulp takes the notion of jurisdiction even further by refusing to consider projects in countries where the political situation is considered risky. He gives recent examples such as Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Guatemala and even South Africa, which has proposed new black empowerment rules, as countries he would steer away from.

And as a result, I tend to only play, if you will, in countries that I consider to be stable with a great understanding of the rule of law and with no ability to change the rules in the middle of the game.

The top 15 macro questions to ask before investing in a country

Identifying a mineral deposit in an existing geological trend has better odds of turning up valuable rocks than exploring in an area where nothing has ever been found. Berry adds that ownership of the deposit is also important, since ownership factors heavily into who will control future profits and takeovers. The geology of a given project is, of course, of fundamental importance in deciding whether or not to invest in a gold junior. In the Abitibi, for example, high-grade gold hosted in quartz veins was responsible for building the first large-scale underground gold mines in Canada.

Mineralized outcroppings, where gold is found in veins or structures above surface, are relatively rare, but can make for excellent targets since they can be surface mined at a relatively low cost.

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Where gold is found just beneath the surface, like the oxide gold deposits of the Carlin Trend, open-pit mines were built at a relatively low cost compared to underground gold mines in Ontario and South Africa, for example. These gold deposits, which are often low grade and high tonnage, are usually amenable to heap leaching, where the gold is leached out using a cyanide solution. Oxide gold is generally easier to process than gold found in sulfide ores, which require more processing, although heap leaching is not always successful.

1. What are blue-chip stocks?