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These channels are growing in numbers and exploding with mega serials, reality shows, game shows and various count downs.

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All this brings in a lot of opportunities for upcoming actors to showcase their acting talent. You can also become a stage artist for which you need to complete an academic stint at the National School of Drama. There are many institutions offering acting courses all over India. Modelling: An unforeseen boom in the ad and fashion industry has created a huge and continual demand for fresh models. Every company needs glamorous models to start and endorse a variety of products or to flash the creations of fashion designers.

Moreover modelling is a very alluring field with innumerable opportunities to travel and earn handsome money. Models also get to meet people from different walks of life. An established model can get a handsome pay for every assignment they do. All these aspects have made modelling a desirable, attractive and lucrative career for the youth in our county. Modelling can be roughly categorised into print modelling, ramp modelling and television modelling.

It is not so easy to get into this field. What is further difficult is to sustain yourself in this field for a long and a prosperous career and for that you need to have a lot of patience, a strong belief in yourself and last but not the least, you need to polish your acting skills, which can be done by taking up a professional course. There are many institutions in our country which provide degree and diploma courses in drama and acting. To give your career a kick start in acting you can take up an acting course, there are various short and long term courses available in several educational institutions all over India.

Modelling: Openings in this field will simply overwhelm you. With endless options also come cut-throat competition, unpredictable work schedule and stress. Endurance and patience play a very important role in survival and growth in this field. As a model, you have to learn on the job as there is no particular training available in this field.

The Power of the Actor

There are very few training schools opened by former models in cities like Mumbai and Delhi. These schools train you in grooming, developing personality, make up tips and help you spruce up your self confidence. Apart from these courses, you need good links in the modelling world to get the right break to get an entry into this glamorous domain. There is no definite qualification or age limit or any type of course required to take up modelling as a profession. You can start by making a good portfolio and handing it out to various fashion houses or advertising agencies.

Approaches to Actor Training

Modelling assures glamour and good pay packages at the same time. Earlier fashion industry was one of the few industries where women earned more than men but nowadays this career has become promising for men too. Acting: This is one talent that is easily recognised even from early childhood.

Try to participate in school functions and events where you can showcase and flaunt your talent to people around you. As you reach higher classes, try to get the lead role in school and college functions. Also, parents must encourage such kids to participate in various talent hunt and acting contests. Modelling: You must posses the beauty and charm of a model. Try to take part in fashion shows and theatrical productions both at the school and the college level. Exposure to photo shoots from an early age will give you confidence to do the same once you take up modelling as your preferred career in life.

Acting: A stupendous acting talent is absolutely essential. However, this talent has to be tagged with other qualities like coordinated movements, a well modulated voice, a propensity for dancing and a good sense of rhythm. Further you must possess the ability to do different roles and with different sets of emotions without flaw. If you think you have all these qualities along with self-confidence and optimistic thinking, then this is a right career for you.

Your big break: how to get a career in acting and performance – live chat

Modelling: It is a very competitive career. You must have the stamina alongside patience and perseverance to withstand hectic schedules. Other essential qualities which are hunted in an upcoming model are a healthy complexion, good height, and good body structure. Last but not the least, you must be photogenic. If you possess these traits then modelling is an ideal career option for you.

Acting: There are various institutions all over India that offer short term as well as long term programs in acting. The fee structure for these course can vary from anywhere Rs. Modelling: There are very few modelling courses available and most of the reputed ones are confined to Mumbai and Delhi. Fees for these courses starts from Rs.

Acting With No Experience (256-page acting beginner’s guide)

Acting: Some institutes offer scholarship on a need-cum- merit basis. Modelling: Alas!

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No scholarships are available in this field. Acting: To find a good break and be successful in this career, good luck, timing and good personal networking plays a very important role. There a range of career options for those seeking to make their mark in the entertainment industry.

As an actor, you can work for various theatre productions or even work for TV or radio channels. Then you have the option to show your talent as a stage actor, appear in private videos and TV shows and commercials. Modelling: There is no shortage for modelling jobs in the fashion and the advertising industries. Acting: A stage actor can get somewhere around Rs.

This largely depends upon the scale of the show, kind of role, production house and moreover the kind of viewers. An experienced TV actor can approximately earn between Rs. A film actor in India can earn a handsome pay and it can vary from actor to actor depending on kind of role you get and the type of banner you are working for. The payment keeps on increasing with experience and popularity.

A debutant can earn roughly about Rs 5 lakhs to Rs 50 lakhs for a lead role for a single movie.

And an established actor can ask for the king ransom that goes into multi crores. Modelling: Pay usually depends upon the organisers and as to how esteemed the fashion show is. A low budget fashion shows pays about Rs 5, to Rs. An established model can expect around Rs 20, to Rs 50, per fashion show.

Approaches to Actor Training - John Freeman - Macmillan International Higher Education

Reputed magazines pay around Rs. Print ads pay according to the number of photographs being printed. Billboard advertisement also shells out sound money for models. Acting: There is a high demand for new talent in this field. In fact the demand and supply of new acting talent is quite high in our country where successful cine starts are looked upon as demigods. You have to be extremely talented to get into this field. We thought the audience would be made up of our friends and family but we were wrong. And of course we said yes. The same could happen for you. You then also have content for your marketing efforts.

You get to create buzz around yourself. It only takes one well connected person who enjoys your work to make a huge difference to your career. When I created the two women show with my friend we acted, produced, directed and wrote the show. You can also share this with your acting friends by clicking the social media icons.

It could be just the thing they need to help them get out of a funk. The 1 way to guarantee acting work. January 2, Leave a comment Blog By louise. How to choose who to work with Make sure the people in your team are as ambitious as you are and in it for the long game.