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Netsky spoke to The Arty Semite yesterday en route to his hotel from the airport in L. Netsky spent two weeks perfecting the supertitles for the repertoire, which includes cantorial selections, as well as Yiddish art songs and tunes from the Yiddish theater. The answer is that this is tone painting. Though no air date has been announced, Netsky expects Perlman, Helfgot and their cadre of klezmer and chamber orchestra musicians to tour internationally after the PBS broadcast.

Home Give Share Search Subscribe. Email Facebook Twitter. Give Advertise Subscribe. Facebook Twitter Pinterest Email. Rufeisen, Arie, Works. Title : A story 3. Title : Nouvelle op. Title : Trio Title : Two by one, for two F horns - one player the first part to be recorded before Salomon, Karel, Works. Title : Six pieces for organ, based on traditional tunes.

Adir Hu (SATB ) arr. Kristin Howell| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

Samburski, Daniel, Works. Schuster, Giora, Works. Title : Now and again, eight pieces for piano 5. Title : Six pieces for piano solo 6. Title : Two poems, for voice, flute or oboe , guitar or piano. Seroussi, Ruben, Works. Seter, Mordecai, Works. Shapira, Sergiu, Works.

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Title : Diptych, for string orchestra version 4. Title : Fancies, for bassoon and piano 6. Title : Rondo burlesco, for piano Title : Woodwind quartet, for flute, oboe, clarinet and bassoon. Sheriff, Noam, Works. Title : Marina loves brahms, for piano solo Shlonsky, Verdina, Works. Title : Eleven musical postcards, piano solo 3. Title : Sonate no. Smorgonskaia, Dina, Works. Title : Cherry blossoms: 4 miniatures for choir 2. Title : De la guitarra, 3 poems for choir 3. Title : If I forget you, jerusalem 4.

Title : Serenata 8.


Title : Triptich for flute clarinetto , violin and piano. Steinberg, Ze'ev Wolfgang, Works. Title : Canonic pieces for stringquartet or stringorchestra 3. Title : Prelude and fughetta "do-sol-si-la-re" for harp-flute-viola 9. Title : Seven two-part pieces for cembalo: 4 canons - 3 inventions Title : Six miniatures for violoncello and piano Title : Sonata for two violas Title : Stringquartet no. II Stern, Max, Works. Title : Dreams: for voice and piano 3. Title : Epiludes, suite for contrabass solo 4.

Title : Gematria, for bassoons 6.

Title : Piano sonata : grazioso - adagio - tempestuoso. Title : Piyutasia : sephardic fantasy 8. Title : Sonnet and dance, for contrabass Title : Three motets for chanukah. Erich Walter , Works. Stutschewsky, Joachim, Works. Title : Finale, quasi una fantasia, for violin, violoncello and piano 5.

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Title : Impressions : four pieces for clarinetto and bassoon 6. Title : Monologue, for clarinet in B-flat 8. Title : Three minatures for 2 flutes Sussman, Ettel, Works. Tal, Josef, Works.

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  • Vladimir , Works. Title : Paradigma : duet for 2 marimbas and vibraphone. Touma, Habib, Works. Title : Reflexus 1, for twelve solo strings or string orchestra. Wohl, Yehuda, Works. Title : [Heb unreadable] Translated title : 4 miniatures for four horns 3. Title : String quartet no. Title : Toccata for piano [op.

    Adir Hu

    Yusupov, Benjamin, Works. Zehavi, Oded, Works. Title : Trio, for piano violin and cello, "the farewell" 4. Boehm, Yohanan, Title : 1st string-quartet op. Crzellitzer, Franz, Title : 1. Sheriff, Noam, Title : Streichquartett Nr. Publisher Number : Iscap.

    Adir Hu (SATB ) arr. Kristin Howell| J.W. Pepper Sheet Music

    Copyright Date : , Title : Sonate no. II Publisher : Z. Vladimir , Title : Paradigma : duet for 2 marimbas and vibraphone Publisher : C. Yusupov, Benjamin, Title : Crossroads no.