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We are hoping to release many books over the years to come, including occasional anthologies. Also, please join our facebook page for updates on upcoming releases, including anthologies. Click here to purchase. Azieran Adventures Presents Artifacts and Relics: Extreme Sorcery is an anthology of fantasy stories which revolve around powerful, and in some cases, world changing magic items. The tales are masterfully written by veteran storytellers such as David C.

In the exciting conclusion to The Bloodshed Trilogy, Baron Von Draukenhaus and company follow a map in search of a rumored, mysterious treasure of great power that could help Moongoth in its war effort. The map leads them to the Vault of Ages, where they discover that retrieving the treasure is far more difficult and dangerous than they could have ever imagined. Cover art by V.

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Click here to order. Even at the initial stages, I can tell this cover will be quite exciting. Shane fans will not be disappointed! Click sketch for larger image. Includes a sneak peak of the unfinished cover by V. Click here to join! Click thumbnails to view larger image.

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Illustration by V. Click here to order for. The Hollow Kings : The barbarian Brom returns from civilized lands to become the new clan-king, but to keep that title he must prove himself worthy of his kinsmen. Instant Carnage and the Secret of Runic Steel : Something is killing Brom's kinsmen and it is whispered to be the demon bear Barshakk, displeased with Brom's reign. Brom decides to confront the mystery himself, and unravel the truth behind the murders.

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What he learns will haunt him forever. Update: I hear Rob Santa is moving ahead with this anthology Total length approximately 10, words. Soon he is persuaded by the morbidean elf, Delorian Dekx, to join an adventuring company in search of a lost vault rumored to contain many valuable treasures—among them an item that could help him recover the Everbeating Heart. However, the map they have obtained has attracted many interested parties, among them an assassin's guild, the local government, and a strange and mysterious cult.

Harn clutched the foredeck as if it were his only anchor to life. Cold, stinging brine and salt air lashed his long, bony face, and he loved every moment of it. The thrill of the hunt and the smell of the sea exhilarated him. The kaizsu turned and twisted in the water as she tugged the longboats farther out to sea and away from the Watercat. The hunters were tossed about from side to side but managed to hang on and keep the boats from capsizing.

Three more harpoons struck the sea dragon. The Seahand adjusted the skinning knife tucked in his belt and patted the harpoon cannon fastened to the railing next to him.

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  8. Once again Harn felt the surge in power as the Watercat increased her speed, dancing on the sea like a haroom girl. He glanced at the main deck where his crew stood ready with their ropes and grappling hooks, cranes and winches and various cutting tools. Three additional longboats now clipped through the waves to assist the others. The kaizsu continued gliding through the sea with no indication that she was going to dive, although she appeared to be slowing down.

    The second trio of longboats drew close enough for three men to cast their lances, striking the broad back of the sea dragon. More black blood exploded from her wounds. Wailing like a Malvarian banshee, the kaizsu bucked and rocked back and forth in her wrath and agony. She suddenly leapt into the air, her long, barbed tail whipping about and her pectoral fins lashing the air before her massive body arched and dived. Into the sea she crashed and under she went, dragging the first three longboats down with her. I want that beast spouting black blood and rolling over dead in the water when next she shows her hump!

    A moment later, the sea began to churn as the kaizsu emerged from the belly of the deep like some behemoth of ancient times. Half her body lifted from the water before she slammed down in a thunderous crash of waves. She moved quickly through the water, her fins propelling her forward with a speed the Watercat and the longboats were hard-pressed to follow. Still attached to the harpoons protruding from the body of the sea dragon, the ropes were pulled taut, dragging along the broken remains of three empty longboats.

    The harpooners in the other boats took aim and let fly their irons. The kaizsu writhed and twisted when the harpoons struck her back and sides.

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    Murky blood spouted like a geyser. Guide ropes were pulled taut and the longboats dragged along in a second sea chase. Another trio of boats was launched from the Watercat and quickly picked up enough speed to draw close to the right side of the beast. The boats were jerked and pulled along, their crews clinging to their stations.

    Mokor fired the harpoon cannon and the sound of it reverberated across the wide Tinturo Sea. The harpoon shot from the mouth of the cannon with a great whoosh and sped toward its target.

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    The great beast shrilled and arched her back, and began pounding and whipping the sea with her fins in a frenzy of pain. Her tail whipped about as she slid through the water, pulling the three longboats behind. Finally, she began to tire and slow down, her fins and tail beating the waves with less and less force. Soon the kaizsu grew too weak to fight back and she ceased to struggle. The spiracle gill slits on either side of her emerald eyes shot dark blood high into the air.

    She sang a final note of lamentation, rolled over and lay still in the water, floating there like flotsam made of flesh and blood and bone. The crews of the surviving longboats motored in, towing the carcass of the female kaizsu toward the Watercat. Seahand Mokor ordered two of his lads to operate the winch attached to his harpoon cannon, reeling in the thick rope that was tied to the iron embedded in the hump of the sea dragon.

    Black blood stained the waters of the sea, attracting octocrabs that rose to the surface to feast on the dark nectar of the kaizsu. They set to work with their mincing knives and blubber hooks. Seahand Mokor cracked his knuckles as he approached Harn. From now on we hunt only females, and only for their eggs. Joe Bonadonna Amazon Author Page. MechMen in Paperback. Our Author Gang. Joe Bonadonna.

    Joe started writing songs and stories in , and sold a few short stories in the early s. Joe has also written a number of articles and book reviews for Black Gate online magazine. Chopin and Tesla have gone to ground. So much so, that they might as well be six feet under it and helping to push up hell-daisies. Even Erra and the Sibitti, his living weapons of vengeance and destruction, seem reticent to show their faces. Rioting sweeps the length and breadth of the underworld.

    Yet the halls of the Mortuary lie vacant, for someone is stealing soul-essence, the very means by which Satan condemns sinners to everlasting torment. But who would do such a thing?