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Must eat: If you want to experience true Maltese hospitality and beautiful local food head to Ta Marija in the centre of Mosta.

Around The World In 50 Summer Holiday Destinations

Each summer Bodrum welcomes a million travellers and yet it never rests on its laurels. And yet, if there comes a point during your stay where you want to explore further afield, the city is also a great gateway for nearby beach towns and resorts. Relish the terrain, food, drinks and knowledge of the crew. Their candied almond ice cream is the best dessert for any occasion. The gate was erected to honour Roman Emperor Hadrian and is the only remaining entrance gate in the walls of the city. Dining on the open-air terrace is a real treat.

The Atlantic Coast of Europe from Cornwall to Lanzarote is not your classic lazing-on-the-beach type of holiday. Rugged coastline, winds coming from the ocean and stronger water currents mean this is the perfect type of destinations for active holidays being surfing, windsurfing or just jumping in the waves! Cool weather, fresh waters and green pastures make Brittany a home away from home and the perfect summer destination for a lot of Brits: the temperate summer and cool ocean mean that the coast is a little less crowded than in other parts of France during the school holidays.

Escape the heatwave: 17 magical destinations for a cool summer holiday

Must see: The Musee Memoires is a must-see for history buffs and everyone else. It is set in a WW2 5-story bunker and retraces the history of war and beautiful testimonies of the time. Must eat: Going to Brittany and not eating buckwheat galettes with a bowl yes, a bowl! Where to stay: Chateau Lignol. Boasting days of sunshine a year, the Algarve is certainly a destination to check off your bucket list. The best summer staycation is none other than Cornwall.

They also host outside exhibits and rock concerts in the summer. Must eat: For an authentic bite, Philips famous pasties will set pulses racing. The steak pasty is tender, succulent and seasoned to perfection. Where to stay: Pebbleline House.

Britain's 20 best hidden beaches

Balanced with good weather and welcoming locals is its otherworldly aesthetics that makes the island so unforgettable. If you needed any more persuading, dining out is as cheap as chips — and yes, the food is seriously delicious. This part of the island is a real treat thanks to its martian landscape and rare plant species. Housed in a historic building in the heart of Teguise, this gem attracts tourists far and wide.

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Start off with a sharing board of Lanzarote specialities, then followed by port ribs with chimichurri. Plenty of vegetarian dishes too. Biarritz is an elegant seaside resort nestled in the Basque Country. Long favoured by European royals this is where Empress Eugenie got her summer palace built the town retains the essence of its old glamourous days, even though it is now the stage to a very different crowd: surfers! Biarritz is a great coastal base to visit the Basque Country: head to Hendaye for a family-friendly beach day, St-Jean-Pied-de-Port -inland- to visit the beautiful old capital of the Basque country, take the little train up to the Rhune or visit Espelette and its world-famous peppers covered houses; you could even venture on the other side of the border, in San Sebastian for tapas!

The options for family outings are endless…. Go for the tasting menu, you will not regret it! American holidays might not come first to mind when looking for a beach holiday destination, but from Hawaii to Rio you can find your spot of sand year-round: for winter sun, favour the Caribbean Islands or South America and for year-round almost guaranteed sun California and Hawaii!

Welcome to paradise beaches where life in Hawaii is celebrated and lived outdoors. Must see: Give the beaches a break, in return for a hiking expedition to the Hawaiian Islands. Run by Chris Kajiok and Anthony Rush, the pair have built Senia on friendship, hospitality and aloha. Their Senia cake slice is a morsel of sugary deliciousness.

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That said, what it makes up for in all-inclusives, it lacks in unique Cuban experiences. Must see: Lifes a beach, enjoy the waves has never rung truer than it does to Varadero. From its first-class service to its eclectic international menu. If you like your holidays full of adrenaline and adventure, the huge swathes of beautiful natural parks are ideal for exploration and the lively waters are perfect for surfing.

Costumes, food and good energy all await. The scene gets more Bajan as the evening goes on, so go expecting excellent fare. Ah Cancun, this vivacious city exceeds all your wildest expectations and then some. The island is a minute journey from the strip. Once there you can discover natural reefs, take part in zip lining and snorkelling and take in the view from breathtaking cliffs. Having already done it twice, I can say it was even more amazing the second time around. And any step on Hispanic soil is a recipe for adventure. In fact, still to this day, Miami boasts one of the most diverse population — but knowing a lil Spanish goes down a treat with the homebodies.

This two-mile long white sand beach is a firm favourite with snorkelers, divers and fisherman that use the Newport Fishing Pier as their hub. Run by acclaimed San Francisco Michael Mina you can already bet on a good meal. Found inside the famous Fontainebleau hotel, you can wine and dine on caviar and a seafood tower to start, before biting into prime boneless rib eye.

Where to stay: Hang out with celebs at Fontainebleau.

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Bobsled away…. Just mind your bank balance…. Must see: Party with the locals. Every Friday night, head to Cros Islet and get stuck into the lively street party. Rum for all, spirited locals and BBQ chicken — what more do you want? Be it lust for life, Cariocas have the most uplifting spirit. Join the many impromptu street parties, where the one thing that connects you is the rhythm of samba; catch a local game of footie and try to spot the next Ronaldinho, or plop your towel up on Copacabana Beach and let time pass you by. The burgers are cheap and tasty, the Neopolitan shakes secret menu hack are divine and the chips are the perfect hangover fix.

The diversity of climates and landscapes mean that the continent of Africa is a real gem for beach holidays. The large continent will offer you a plethora of options for your next sun destination! Dubai is a one-stop-shop for extravagant shopping, acclaimed water parks, mysterious deserts, opulent high-rise buildings and some of the worlds classiest beaches.

As summer destinations goe, Dubai has a crafty mix of just about everything so that shopping enthusiasts, budding foodies and sun seekers can enjoy the city without a problem in sight. Must see: With a winning combination of beach and desert, it only seems fair to see Dubai from up above. One word, skydive. The vibe is friendly and relaxed with a sprawling of TV screens, live music and pool tables. Who knows, give it a go.

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Must see: White Sharks. Travel over miles to Gansbaii, the white shark capital of the world and take the plunge into fin infested waters. Shark cage diving is big here but call around until you find something that suits you. Aspirational as a honeymoon destination, bucket list item or a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, the dreams of tropical paradise are a reality here.

The islands are your oyster, take your pick from pearlescent beaches, wildlife watching sea turtles are a must , or learning how to snorkel. The water is your playground; swimming amongst. Les Rochers is a great example of that: the location is divine, seafood is as fresh as it gets and there are a lot of vegetarian and vegan-friendly options. Far from the melting-pot of Marrakesh, Essaouira is the easygoing alternative to experience Morrocco.

Beyond the colourful port, rolling waves and a wide buttery beach stretching for miles complete the canvas. Sustainable travel expert Ashley Renne in Porto, Portugal. Follow her on Instagram heyashleyrenne. One of the things that I absolutely adored about Porto is its affordability. Her favorite places are Northern Thailand and Tenerife where she tries to spend a few months each year cycling, writing and asking people if she can pet their dogs. Most travelers come to Boise to be outside. With 16 villages and 17 cities, the population numbers less than 60, in the largest non-continental island on earth.

In summer, whales often come close to shore in Nuuk or Ilulissat. Visit a small settlement, meet with hunters, fishermen and learn about Greenlandic history. Forage for berries and herbs or catch your own fish or buy organic, exotic and top-quality meats from local hunters at a great price. Take a day hike from Oqaatsut to Ilulissat. Where to stay? Travel expert Amanda Mactas in Zagreb, Croatia. Most of the sightseeing here doesn't even require a wallet, including visiting the Trg Band Jelacica the main city center , taking in the scene at the Dolac Market in the morning, watching the canon shoot at noon at Lotrascak Tower and wandering the grounds at the stunning Mirogoj Cemetery.

Here, you will experience the heart of humanity, a place for us to share and move on from heartbreak. A meal next door at the Brokenships Bistro wouldn't be a bad idea, either. Weave your way through the Upper and Lower towns, taking in magnificent sites like St. Mark's Church, the botanical garden, Cathedral of Zagreb, the Stone Gate, plentiful street art and all of the lush parks. The view from Boston Common of the city skyline at sunset.