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In , acres were put into wheat and acres into corn. The company's effect on the area in terms of buying area crops for feed and furnishing employment must haw been significant. In the early s the Nebraska Land and Cattle Company started to break up. The high hopes for the Devon cattle never materialized, prices were not good, and the hard winter of all may have contributed to it.

In January of the assets of the company were divided among its creditors, R. Downing taking the lions share. Pool continued to use the name of the company from time to time, but after January , it was only a paper company and the need for Pool Siding ceased to exist. Store of T. Downing put up an elevator, and on June 23, , George Duncan became the postmaster.

In he had married Susan Pool, daughter of A. Although Pool Siding was successful as a town during the s and became a place of commerce for the area farmers, schools and churches did not develop. They stayed out in the countryside where they had already been established. Pool became involved with the Buffalo County Cattle Company which he helped form in During the s his land holdings began to move eastward until they were situated between Pool Siding and South Ravenna South Ravenna being about a mile south of Ravenna.

Pool was the first to ship cattle from there. His oldest daughter, Ella, was appointed depot agent, and at one time William S. Black had a general store there. During the s, W. Pool, like so many, had financial problems. The Buffalo County Cattle Company was a failure and he had other debts.

Then his health began to fail and he was driven to the point of despair. In the early morning hours of March 21, , he left his Ravenna home, went to the cemetery, and there at the graves of two of his children, shot himself to death. He was 54 years old. About two weeks later, his grief-stricken widow, Eva, who was pregnant, went into premature labor and never survived.

She died April 5, This tragedy almost brought about the and of Pool Siding. One of the creditors, Vermont Savings Bank, obtained a judgment in their favor against the Pool estate. To satisfy the judgment, the townsite of Pool Siding was sold at public auction in the summer of To keep their store buildings from being sold with the land, their owners had moved them off.

It seems the store owners had no title to the land their stores were standing on.

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  6. The post office was discontinued on June 21, So the town did indeed die. Like the Phoenix, however, it rose from the ashes. Later that year and in the Vermont Savings Bank sold off parcels of the town site to the store owners and the buildings were moved back. In July , the post office was reopened with W. Tillson as the postmaster. This time Pool Siding began to function as a fully developed town, largely made possible by the people from the Majors community located southwest of the town.

    Two generations of these people made it a successful little town. In a state bank was opened with S. Bently as president and J.

    Buffalo Tales : Crazy Heart (Feat Rachel Sermanni)

    Miller as cashier. In a Presbyterian Church was started, an off-shoot of the Majors Presbyterian Church, and District 60 school, which had been located west of town, we moved into town. The town even received a name change. While Anna S. Sitz was postmistress in , the name was changed from Pool Siding to Poole.

    There had been confusion about the name since the town started in The railroad had opened a depot in , with J. Mahoney the depot agent. In Poole was incorporated. The first village board consisted of C. Clark, J. Hanna, J. Criffield, Henry Abrams, and J. Some of the early business men of Poole were J. Stover, blacksmith; Francis Reynolds, harness; and Wm. Eldridge, grain buyer. The s were the high point for Poole. That decade it reached its peak population of In the town installed electric lights; and in when the school house burned down, a new brick school was built.

    Buffalo Tales

    Whitcomb, elevator; and Floyd Thompson, ice cream parlor. The town could be a lively place sometimes, although with the Presbyterian influence, things never really got out of hand. Baseball on Sunday was looked upon with disfavor, too, but when Walter Duncan, son of George Duncan, "disappeared" on Sunday afternoons, the Duncan family, strong Presbyterians, looked the other way. During the s Poole started to go down hill.

    In Ravenna lost its banks and Charles E.