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My heart in yours and yours in mine, that all that matters to my undying love for you. Have a nice day the love of my life. If you choose to travel I will go with you, I cant leave a day without you my love. I choose any path you will go because I know you will definitely make a wise choice.

I love my honey.

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I just ran a check on my heart, and it beating so fast whenever it hear you say I love you. Nothing will ever change me away from you my favorite honey. Should I say I have my heart desire, even more than all I wanted and asked for. Thanks for taking care of me and all my short comings, I adore every moment we shared together. I love you as much as you love me. Before my very eyes, I see what true love is because you have thought me how to love and care with out even knowing it happened. My love you are a genius and a love professor, am happy to have you in my life.

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Your love captivated me, it was love at first sight. With your love, I am energetic to reach on top of the world.

With your love I found peace on mind, plus everything I need in life, then I ask what more should ask for. I enjoy being with you I love you for who you are. The best I have been was with you, the best dreams I ever had was about you. And when I look at you, I see them come true, I cant stop but love you more and more. Will you give me more of anything I ask you, I want more and more of your touch, more of your untold care, I need more of your love. Even though I have them enough, I still need ,more of you.

My instinct was right, when you said you loved me, ever since I gave you a place inside my heart. I will forever treasure this union because your love has made me changed to a better person.

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I promise to love you forever my everlasting flame. My heart beat is calm, my nerve are cool, I feel so splendid. Guess it is the same with you my honey bunny. My love I cant just afford one second without your love, your smile keeps me waken and your kisses warm my body and awake the sleeping cells in my body.

The truth be told to those who wish to know , that our love has come to stay, to stay until the world cease to be. No matter where you are there I want to be, I love you so much.. You are that perfect match for the space in my heart, I cant even iight person magine someone else taking your place. You are my heart desire, I cant tell how much you mean to me, you have filled me with so much love than I can oblige. All my thinking was when people are around you they will make you happy, but when I met you.

I realize all that is needed is one right person who cares, if I had not met you I wonldnt have known what it is to be loved. I cant stop loving you. I wish you know how happy this make me feel, you are the one with whom I pray to spend the rest of my life, because only with you is life meaningful.

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Ever since my heart fell for you, it it has refused to rise again. What is love? Love is you and me, love is unpredictable, love begin when we meet and has no end. You are my love. Even if I spend a century with you seems to me like a day, no matter how much love you show me, I wont have enough of it. I desire you like the air we breath without you my life is incomplete, I love you more than I can say my angel. There is something I have been longing to say to you, into your hear I want to whisper it. How deep have I gone with your love, how far you have driven me and how high your love has taken me.

I am in love but is with you my treasure. I feel like a super hero that has ever lived, your love was what gave me all that strength to fight for our love. I can do that which seem to be impossible. I will love you forever my princess of my heart. You are immeasurable value to me, with you I just cant be alone, your love has taken me to a level where nothing counts except you. I cant leave you for the world. I see a tree with so much branches of joy, love , peace, happiness and a brighter future for the both of us. I love you more. You have showed me love, how can I pay your care and love for me.

I gave you my heart which is what I treasured most, and the way you pamper it with tender care and love. It take treasure to know the worth of another treasure, I will forever leave my treasure with you my treasure. I love you treasure. How can I say am tired of sending my love romantic love messages, I love it when I make you smile because it gives me joy and I feel some sense of relieve that I have make you happy. I love you my angel. I wish to scream it loud enough for the whole world to hear, how you love drives me crazy. The only activities that goes on in my heart is you, I know I will always miss all those kisses, hugs and your fresh breath and also your lovely sweet meals you prepare with great love.

I love you so much my baby girl.

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I want us to be united in our heart and in thought, I want you to know that I want your long kisses so much that I want it right now. I cant stop loving you my heart. You are more important than the blood that flows through my veins are you.

I adore you my life partner. You beautify my life with your amazing colors, your love is sweeter than honey. You enrich my life, your love is like the seasonings in foods, you sweeten my world. Now my world is an embodiment of all goodies, I cant do without you anymore my love. You came into my life and brightness shine all around me, now I can walk, jump, or run without falling. You are my light, and the queen of my heart. I love you more than you know, I just want to keep you close forever.


I love you more than you can imagine. Your face is the most beautiful thing I have beheld, your smile is the most captivating thing I have ever seen. Your love is the loveliest I want to live for cheers. You have a lovely personality, so I have concluded that after tasting your love. You are sweet inside nothing is compared with your heart, I feel so lucky to be the fortunate one with whom you share your heart with.

The more I think about you, the more I sink in your love. My heart rejoice in the fall I have encounter ever since we meant, I kept falling in love with you severally. I will love you for the rest of my life. I Love You Messages. Please Share. Beautiful I Love You Pictures. I Love You so Much Pictures. I love you HD Images. I love You Colourful Heart Photos. I love You and kiss me HD Picture. I love you Images on Balloons.

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