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Perched on projecting rails of the fishing smacks, sat rows of cormorants, each with a ring around his neck. Every few minutes one of them would dive under the water, and after a while come struggling up with a fish in its mouth, so big that the fishermen had to help the bird into the boat. The game was then flung into a basket, and the cormorant was treated to a slice of raw fish, by way of encouragement and to keep the bird from the bad habit of eating the live fish whole.

This the ravenous creature would sometimes try to do, even though the ring was put around his neck to prevent it. It was springtime, and the buds were just bursting into flower.

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The river was full of fish, especially of carp, ascending to the great rapids or cascades. Here the current ran at a prodigious rate of swiftness, and the waters rippled and boiled and roared with frightful noise. Yet, strange to say, many of the fish were swimming up the stream as if their lives depended on it. They leaped and floundered about, only to be tossed back and left exhausted in the river, where they panted and gasped for breath in the eddies at the side. Some were so bruised against the rocks that, after a few spasms, they floated white and stiff, on the water, dead, and were swept down the stream.

Still the shoal leaped and strained every fin, until their scales flashed in the sun like a host of armored warriors in battle. The boy enjoying it as if it were a real conflict of wave and fishes, clapped his hands with delight. The sage wrote the two Chinese characters, meaning "The Gate of the Dragons," and turned away to watch a carp that seemed almost up into smooth water.

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I see," said the boy to himself. He went forward a few rods, to where the banks trended upward into high bluffs, crowned by towering firs, through the top branches of which fleecy white clouds sailed slowly along, so near the sky did the tree-tops seem. Down under the cliffs the river ran perfectly smooth, almost like a mirror, and broadened out to the opposite shore. Far back, along the current, he could still see the rapids shelving down.

First the things I like: I liked that this was a whole new concept on dragons and the people they choose to be with. Very Unique. Luckily she was already attracted to the Dragonlord, seeing how she was about to become a mate. I mean if you really love something you go for it. One minute she is in love, the next she is moving to another state to get away. I really hated how no one would actually explain what all the Dragonkeeper, Dragonlord, and Dragonmate stuff was supposed to work and Cora was left trying to figure it out on her own.

So going about clueless and making mistakes is bound to happen and no one should be disappointment when that is exactly what happened. Just to leave off should be a criminal offense, punishable by removing all your chocolate for a year! I love dragons, so this seemed like a really good read to me. The cover is also lovely and drew me in.

It's my fault that I didn't realize what "the first part of a three-part novel originally published in serial format" meant. What it means is that this ends with no actual ending, a cliffhanger, if you will. Part two and three are available for purchase in a box set. When I read a series, I prefer to have at least some of the story arc complete, with the overall arc to be continued. This just st I love dragons, so this seemed like a really good read to me.

This just stopped. The first part of the book was full of mundane detail that wasn't quite explained enough. I kept thinking, "Does this matter? Cora is She read more like She and her sister have an odd relationship with their mother.

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I was pretty appalled to find out who was watching Cora and freaking her out. That seemed wrong to me.

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The family are witches with ties to dragons. But Cora has never embraced that side of herself.

Then, suddenly, she calls not one, but two dragons to her side. That part of the books was interesting.

I like dragons and these were quite appealing. The men that the dragons belong to were also hot and mysterious. One wonders just who is the good guy and who the bad. Then the book ends. The dragon love scene might be enough to encourage a reader to continue reading through. I'm giving it three stars for that scene alone. I do thank NetGalley and the author for offering this book. I'm on the fence whether I'll read the other two as it appears from other reviews that the author likes that cliffie scenario.

Not sure I want to be left hanging with book three. While I found the story line interesting, I have to admit to frustration on several levels. First, the story is sold as a standalone novella The book gives no closure or completed character arc.

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Truly, it introduces the world and characters. I will say, other than a couple of word usage or convenient plot points, the writing is well done. My second issue is related to the first. I am quite irritated by authors that chop a full length novel into sections to create novellas The third issue is also related to the first two. Price point. The Lords and Lunes series is truly one novel and should have been sold as such from the beginning.

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There is a bundle with all three for 3. That's reasonable and makes sense for a full-length novel. Instead, this series was split into three novellas, selling at 2. Why would I purchase each novella that make up a full length novel that sells for more than a new paperback? I wouldn't This is my personal opinion and I only speak for myself. If an author writes well, I like their voice and they have a story with an interesting plot, I will buy the book.

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Paperbacks are 7. I will buy an electronic version at a price I'd be willing to purchase the paperback for. I purchased the bundle to read the whole story. I'm glad I did. Will I ever in the future purchase any novellas individually, from a series, by this author? No way. Not until the ethical issues have been resolved. I was browsing around on my Nook recently when I came across this one.

With my interest in reading paranormals, knowing this one featured dragons grabbed my attention immediately. I honestly didn't know what to expect since I've never read this author before but I was willing to give it a try. It's the first book in the Dragon Queen series and while it has a lot of potential, it just didn't live up to what I'd hoped for.

The complicated plot was often difficult to follow, there wasn't enough per I was browsing around on my Nook recently when I came across this one. The complicated plot was often difficult to follow, there wasn't enough personality development to understand the characters and at times the scenes seemed to flit about. There was mention several times of an important family book but Cora never pursued reading the it or questioning her mother about it. That's just one example of a plot thread left dangling. There are many. Then there's the two men They too are a bit of a mystery past the surface level,and I didn't get the impression either are truly interested in Cora on a personal level.