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One more bipolardrugs goes to the bin as it did not work for me. Basically nothing works for me. Good morning beautiful ppl!!!! Hope that you are having a great start to your Thursday!! Still workout, hiking, starting yoga again, and still vegetarian and wtf?!? Has anyone been on haldol , latuda , risperdal , zyprexa, abilify, ziprasidone?!? Which side are you going to let win? Just wanted to post this one to my own page, edited slightly different than my original edit.

I also feel very lucky that I was able to find someone who genuinely loved me without medication, even through the days I spent crying, convinced my family was trying to kill me and wanting to die because I believed no one wanted me to be alive. My mind has been anxious lately approximately the past three months. My therapist has encouraged me to move more though, as it generally helps with my anxiety and depression. How are you feeling? All my worthless meds in alone.

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Most of these have done complete opposite of what prescribed for. The rest do absolutely nothing besides make me feel terrible in the morning. Been hit by a horrible sinus infection and the antipsychotics I take for my bipolar 2 disorder started to show some side effects. Do google it, if you are interested. The inner restlessness hits deep as well and it has been causing some unsettling emotions, agitation, suicidal ideation and feelings of hopelessness.

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Will try update more as I go. As for now, sorry for making some worry about me. It was just too hard to function in general that all I could focus on was my day to day survival. Mostly bad days. More than the good. Go crazy? Don't mind if I doooooo lol I gave up on trying to be the perfect Mom a little while ago. I'm happy just mediocre-ly floating by This had been a very very very long week.

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I had to go out for a drive last night when A1 got home to collect my thoughts. Today is a new day though, and so far it's been a really good one. Tomorrow we leave for a family vacation. I'm sure by Monday evening I wil be completely off my rocker lol but making memories is all the rage Medication update!


And the cannabis softgels come from an online licensed provider. Den lille gule pille. Hver morgen tager jeg en halv "Abilify", som er antipsykotisk medicin. Naja wird morgen hoffentlich besser. Unable to express it, trapped in your body forever being tortured while scumbag trash psychiatrists continue to misdiagnose and drug kids. Yourself as a priority, letting go of hatred embracing love and making moves to improve quality of life!

Sounds like a plan to me!


Mes zombies sous Abilify connaissent We were gonna drive to Butte county today to make sure the FEMA debris crew cleaned up what needed to go and didn't wreck what few things the campfire left behind on our Concow property. But, between starting a new med Abilify and the heat up in Chico being degrees F, we opted to stay home.

See you soon, Butte county.

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Stop melting, plz! Live image of my mental illness. Hell to the yeah I do! Mutlu oldugum anlarim neden bu kadar az ve kisa Cok sevdigim insanlari incitmeyi asla istemiyorum ama o kadar az ki cok mutlu hissettigim anlar Hastaliklari herkes farkli bir sekilde yasiyor. Her insanin kendi yasamindan kattiklari oluyor bu hastaliklara. Ben mesela ne zaman mutlu olsam, bunun biteceginden emin olup ne zaman cezalandirilacagimi dusunuyorum. Sanki mutluluk benim hakkim degil ve ekstra da bedelini odeyecekmisim gibi Oyle cok suruklendim ki bu hastaliklar neticesinde, bir suru eksi ekledim kendime.

Bana beni hatirlatan izler, hatalar Bunlar dogrultusunda insan daha da karamsarlasiyor Durmadan birilerine baglanmak istedim, aciz bir sekilde sevgi dilendim. Yeri geldi acimasizca terkettim. Ne istedigimi bildigimi dusundugum cok az anim var. Bunca degiskenlik icinde tutarli olmayi da basaramadim.

Bu yuzden diyorum suruklendim diye. Hic kolay olmadi son yillarim. Aile icindeki siddetli gecimsizligin bir neticesiydi benim bu durumum ki bu cocukluk itibariyle boyleydi. Ama kimseye ofkeli degilim eskisi kadar Gecti gitti. Bundan sonrasi benim kendi kuvvetimi kazanmamda. Hala cabaliyorum. En azindan "yasamaya" calisiyorum.

Mucadelem hayatta kalmak Kac defa dondum intiharin esiginden. Bu denli karanliktayken cok tuhaf olmasa gerek olum dusuncesi? Kafam kadar karisik bir yazi oldu yine. Lakin hala ozlem icindeyim kaygisiz mutluluga.

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Aska hala inaniyorum ve nimetlendirildigimi dusundugum insana baglaniyorum. Bu beni ayakta tutuyor Do you suffer from memory loss? Lol, I read all the paperwork for this medication Abilify and it says they need to check my sugar, blood pressure and WBC before giving it to me, especially in combination with Zoloft. They haven't even weighed me since I started Zoloft sooooo. I'm just gonna eat pretend tacos and laugh and laugh and laugh.

Hey y'all. I'm trying to stabilize my mental health. I'm working on it. Look, I even made it to therapy today! I'm picking up Abilify today and weaning off my Zoloft shortly after cause, surprise surprise, bipolar folx need antipsychotics.

Du maa helre gore det i dag

Still never wanted to shoot a bunch of folx at any sort of event. The maximum outsider damage I've caused from my psychosis has been limited to jumping in the middle of slow, on going traffic. So, I dunno. Trying not to spiral. Finally feeling like myself again. Thank you to cru5tycru5t for your support and staying by my side. And thank you to my meds for getting me back to me. MyIllnessandI abilify aripiprazole fluoxetine risperidone risperdal bipolar depression psychosis cychlothymia psycothic mentalhealthawareness gettingwell fightstigma hypomania hallucination fibromyalgiawarrior fibromyalgia majordepression Selflove.

New study alert! Would you like your child to be closely monitored for side effects of these medicines? If so, the LAPS study might be a good fit for your family! Their bodies are growing and changing, meaning that they process medicines differently than adults do. To learn more about the LAPS study, contact us at Real Estate.

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