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Release the emotional weight by ceremony of fire and burn away what you have written on the paper.

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My Feelings Are Not My Enemies - The On Being Project

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Okay, but what does it all have to do with enemies?

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2. They label their emotions.

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My Feelings Are Not My Enemies

Search for:. The Real Value in Setting Goals. How to Keep Yourself Encouraged. The Powerful Combination of Words and Emotion. The 4 Building Blocks of Good Communication.

Then the feelings softened a bit. My mind relaxed and started to drift off. She was shaking a finger at me.

{Audio} In Seeking Healing & Personal Development - Align Your Soul to the Will of Allah

It seemed like it was her anger, not mine. Did this perception arise naturally, without your intending it? What makes this practice meditation, and not mere ruminating or daydreaming, is that the meditator has adopted a meditation posture with the intention to meditate. In an open meditation practice, the still meditation posture is enough to restrain speaking and acting on the thoughts and emotions that arise.

Once I start giving additional instructions, no matter how well-intentioned, the student will most likely use those instructions to control or change her experience and will not be open to whatever comes up.

You aren't at the mercy of your emotions -- your brain creates them - Lisa Feldman Barrett

Gradually, she may make her way toward a deeper understanding of how her anger arises and passes away, not by stopping it, but by exploring it in meditation. Thank you for subscribing to Tricycle!