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Salt Lake City was a pro haven, as that scene with all its talent became a different kind of Mecca than it had some years earlier. The future of snowboarding is now. Never before at one time had there been a higher concentration of hungry upstarts and humble superstars. An accelerated progression of technical freestyle trickery was proving to be limitless.

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Keenly skilled and style conscious, well-rounded or singly disciplined, riders with switch aptitudes and creative control took it to urban setups and wooded wilds. While the business of snowboarding was serious, seriously-you were only as good as your last video part-there came a balance, a renewal, a return to fun stuff. This good-times agenda became evident with the inaugural Arctic Challenge. An event organized by longtime friends Terje Haakonsen and Daniel Franck. For the magazine, smartly staffed with almost all new, all-time talent: editorial, photo, and design departments aligned.

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With a focused intent to freeze sport and spotlight characters, we richly did that-past, current then, and rising. Emerging each issue was a stunning sense of what we belong to as snowboarders in whole, as in parts.

Eddie Wall and Andreas Wiig debuted. Danny Kass and Shaun White arrived. JP Walker in true-life form.

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Mikey LeBlanc was punch-drunk. Louie Fountain expressed an articulate faith.

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Marc Frank Montoya was forildo. Devun Walsh smoothly unwound. Wille Vii-Luoma was ruthless and toothless.

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SLC Punks. All the crews. Just like you and your buddies. Olympic U. From these, our efforts, creative content in multitude and multiform of independent and collective voices, riders, writers, roll film guys, and readers dropped into the mix. The reward for me is lasting in effect. I kept thinking about the last time I saw him: he tossed me the keys to my truck. Ken Achenbach wrote about keys.

Damn keys. It was the TransWorld story that made the biggest impression on me when I was at an age when something still could make a big impression on me. I have three on a ring and a plastic key in my wallet. I was never going to work in an office. Damn office. Kevin Kinnear hired me. I was a snowboarder and that, apparently, was enough. Snowboarding is equally conflicted. But the soul of snowboarding is immune to occasional indiscretions.

And when the time comes, someone at TransWorld will be there to remind them that the legacy is not one of preservation, but of progress. The only constant is change. By signing up you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. A lighter and poppier version of the Salomon team-favorite, the Huck Knife. A true legend, Jason "J2" Rasmus turned his persona into a professional career.

Read our guidelines and submit your proposal to communications interaction. Our alliance has acted collectively in multiple ways and at various times over the past few months in response to a proposed cut-off of assistance…. The fourth installment of InterAction Communications Director Morgan Martinez's blog series on training Lao youth on the power of storytelling. Morgan Martinez. We know how to celebrate life despite the constant violence we are subjected to if we….

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Globally, people are experiencing both subtle and stark effects of climate change. This chart compares the FY and FY poverty-focused development and humanitarian accounts for both the House and Senate. It is a living document…. This represents the….

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The third installment of InterAction Communications Director Morgan Martinez's blog series on training Lao youth on the power of storytelling. I strongly dislike the word marginalized.