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There can be also some small tasks for the maintenance of our garden, the feeding of our animals and the household. But mainly we are looking for someone, who supports us with the olives. In your off-time you can go to the beautiful beaches of south Crete for example Matala distance from our house: 30 Minutes by car or make a tour on the wonderful Messara valley with our bicycle. If you have enough of the quiet village life, you can go to the city of Heraklion. Near our home there are four famous archaeological sides, that you can visit. We also recommend you a hiking tour in the Asterousia mountains that you can see from our balcony.

There is no bus connection from our village to Heraklion. But if you want to use public transport, we can bring you to Agii Deka with our car and there are hourly bus connections to Heraklion or Mires. Join our family and help with the olive harvest in south Crete, Greece. Favourited times. Host rating. Last activity. Reply rate. Average reply time:. Add to my host list Contact Register. Description We are olive farmers in south Crete. Cultural exchange and learning opportunities Travellers will be fully integrated in our family.

Help We need some help for the picking of the olives and for cultivating the trees, during the months of November, December, January and February. Languages spoken greek, german, english, italien, french, serbian. Accommodation You will have your own room in our house with wood heater and a shared bathroom. What else A little more information Internet access. How many Workawayers can stay?

More than two. Hours expected Maximum hours a day, 5 days a week. Feedback left by and about host Anna is a very young and courageous woman and she was a great help for the olive picking. She was never to tired to work or to learn new things. With big joy she helped in the kitchen and prepared the breakfast for the whole workaway team. Her cheesecake was a dream.

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The Cretan country side is a complete different world from Annas home, she … read more explained to us. But she found a way to deal with the rough Cretan manners and the simple farm life. The cold evenings and nights were no big deal for her and she was happy to live a modest lifestyle. We were impressed by her toughness at her young age. Furthermore she speaks a great Greek and she enjoyed to teach our other workawayers with big patience.

Thank you Anna and all the best for your future! Left by Workawayer Anna for host. Oh, I loved so much being at this project and one month was absolutely not enough. The work is interesting to learn and while working you have the most amazing view on the mountains around.

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  4. Picking period is the most beautiful one, everything is so fresh and green. We went for some hiking trips all together there is so much to see.

    Joining Hands | Endeavour to empower the youth from underprivileged families by developing skills

    We had lot of … read more fun especially with Catia. I miss your humour, Catia Nobody makes fun of me in your nice teasing way now.. She thought me how to make cheese and yoghurt and so many things. And I won't talk about food you need to try Dimitri's cuisine yourself. You can only contact Workawayers who have an active membership.

    Andre is a high motivated and hard working man and the keenest workawayer that we've ever had.

    Go with a lesser-known region.

    He was most happy outside in the nature gathering and burning branches and harvesting olives. Even to grab and deliver dung was a fun for him. He is a warm and friendly person who got incredibly quick into the family and the Cretan way of life. We have … read more really appreciated his invitation to the Taverna of the village for New Year's Eve. With Andre you will have an honest, generous and uncomplicated companion who understands very fast the work that has to be done.

    He will support you proactively and with much joy and kindness. Thank you so much, Andre! Left by Workawayer Andre for host. Ich habe bei der Olivenernte und im Garten geholfen, alles was so an Arbeit angefallen ist. Es war eine wunderbare total entschleunigende Zeit. Perfekt zum runterkommen. Lauren and Pierre are vagabonds from the French country side and they fit perfectly in our family.

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    They helped us with the olive harvest and came back to paint a giant olive tree on the walls of our studio and to lay floorboards on our patio. We love Lauren's painting and cooking skills and Pierre is a strong and professional handyman who assisted … read more and advised Dimitris with tractor and hydraulic issues and did not even hesitate to muck out the stable. But most of all we appreciate their kindness and their straightforwardness.

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    They have left a lot of wonderful memories of funny moments in the olive fields, of adventurous hiking tours and deep conversations during our dinners. We have already a appointment for the harvest of next winter and we hope that they will never forget their Cretan family waiting for them. Story to be continued We went there the first time to harvest olives and we had a really good time so we almost fell in love with the vagionia village and for sure with Catia, Dimitris and Costa.

    We kind of found a new … read more family there so we decided to come back and help them again for other things. We almost spend one month in total and after they welcome us again and our family too. They are nice people with big heart and make you feel the cretan way of life.

    Thank you so much catia. See you next winter!! Pierre et Lauren. Having Andrea with us during the olive harvest was a big joy. She was a very hard-working helper and most of all a wonderful companion.

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    Participants are eager to see their brainstorms come to live. Our approach encourages them to contribute to the discussions since everyone is anxious to discover their own input in the final result. Every picture must be seen as a launching platform growing ideas and strategies. It unravels connections that otherwise would not even be detected, therefore opening up a whole new spectrum of opportunities , making it possible to look at things from a broader perspective. The creative minds and collective intelligence of the group make them winners!

    A visual report does. Our images stimulate commitment.


    Since all group members feel like co-owners of the visual harvest, it will establish a connection between them and they will join forces until their job is finished. They will surely question their colleagues about their harvesting adventure, that way keeping the dialogue alive. Exactly what is needed to get things implemented. During sessions: loosen those tongues.