Manual Microarray Innovations: Technology and Experimentation (Drug Discovery Series)

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Today's medicine is based on traditional medicine. Traditional medicines exist in every continent of the globe and in every cultural area of the world. The most famous ones are traditional Chinese medicine in East Asia, Ayurvedic medicine in India, and formerly Galenic medicine in Europe, all of which have some resemblance to one other Vogel Each of these traditional medicines has its own origins and an individual basic philosophy. The art of practicing Chinese medicine stretches back over several thousand years. The legendary culture hero, Shen-nong, is said to have tested many herbs for their medical properties.

Pen-ts'ao , the first compilation of herbal medicines, is connected with his name Unschuld , Everything in the world is dominated by one of these elements, and their constant interplay, Skip to main content. Advertisement Hide. Introduction Strategies in Drug Discovery and Evaluation. Reference work entry. Historical Approaches in Drug Discovery Today's medicine is based on traditional medicine. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Pharmacogenomics —14 PubMed Google Scholar. Soc Neurosci Abstr Google Scholar. In: Devlin JP ed High throughput screening.

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Drug Discovery Screening Reagents | PerkinElmer

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Challenges in machine learning for drug discovery

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Book Microarray Innovations Technology And Experimentation Drug Discovery Series

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