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Trapped in a Basement Molasses rushed into a factory. The floor collapsed under the weight.

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Many workers fell into the basement. The basement began to fill with the sticky, brown liquid. When the workers tried to run up the stairs, they slipped and fell.

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  7. They were trapped as the 19 molasses rose to their knees, their chests, their chins, and over their heads. A Train Escapes An elevated train came by. It passed just before the big, brown wave struck. The train escaped, but the track came down. The next train stopped just in time. People looked out the windows. They could not believe what they saw. The city was a sea of brown. As houses and shops fell, people were trapped beneath them.

    No one could rescue them. It was impossible to walk in the sticky, brown streets. Wagons got stuck in the stuff. Rescue equipment could not move.

    Everybody got trapped like bugs on flypaper. It carried him like a surfboard. Then it roared over him. He tumbled like a pebble in a stream. Anthony was trapped under the river of molasses. It covered his face and filled his mouth. He choked and coughed. He could not breathe. When rescue workers found him, they thought he was dead. They put him with the bodies of others who had died. Later, he woke up and saw his mother and sisters looking at him. They were surprised to see him open his eyes.

    It took several days to find all the bodies.

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    In all, 21 people were killed. Another were injured. Many horses died. It was hard to walk in, hard to dig, and hard to move. It covered streets, walls, floors, cars, furniture—it covered everything! When people walked in the molasses, they tracked it around the city. Little by little, the whole city got sticky.

    Sidewalks were sticky. Wagon wheels were sticky. Train floors were sticky. House floors were sticky. Doorknobs and mailboxes were sticky. Chairs and beds were sticky. Mothers, fathers, children and pets were sticky. If it was in Boston, it was sticky. Firemen sprayed salt water on the molasses.

    Slowly, little by little, the molasses washed away. A brown line on buildings showed how deep it had been. A Big Trial Many people were mad about the disaster. They said somebody blew up the tank with dynamite. A big trial was held in Boston. It started in August and took three years to sort through all the facts.

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    People reported what they saw. They spoke about the leaks in the tank. They described how people died. Experts said the tank was not strong enough. But that did not bring back lost loved ones.

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    Tanks had to be extra strong—not just molasses tanks, but tanks for oil, water, and chemicals. Big tanks are safer today. But some people say Boston still smells a little like molasses.

    It is the same in every town. Anyone can call in an emergency. If you see an accident or experience an emergency, dial How to call It is easy to call Just dial those numbers: 9 and 1 and 1. Wait until someone answers the phone. Where are you? What happened? Do not get trapped!

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    Tell them what you saw. August East Germany builds the Berlin Wall. November People on both sides tear down the Berlin Wall. Where is Germany? Britain, the United States, and their allies controlled the West. The Soviet Union controlled the East. Two superpowers remained. On one side was the United States, France, and England. On the other side was the Soviet Union. The West was free; the East was not. Germany was split into two countries: East Germany and West Germany. It became East Berlin and West Berlin.

    It was not an actual curtain. It was the border between the East and the West. Tanks and soldiers guarded the border.