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Eye Contact Lens. Cornea, 26 8 , S, and Adamis, A. Effect of formulation variables on particle size and stability.

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E, and Tracy, M. Feature article in October issue of Contact Lens Spectrum. Feature article in July issue of Contact Lens Spectrum. Feature article in February issue of Contact Lens Spectrum. Doctoral Thesis.

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ProQuest Information and Learning. Catalog Dehydration-induced structural changes and their prevention. Internet J. Patent filed , patent Carrasquillo Long-term restoration of ocular surface function with scleral lenses. October , Carrasquillo Corneal disease and scleral lenses.

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March 15, Carrasquillo Use of PROSE prosthetic device as treatment option for paralytic lid ptosis post open globe injury and trauma in a pediatric patient. Poster presentation. November , Lauderdale, FL.

Jacobs, Hong-Gam T. Le, Karen G. Carrasquillo Impact of treatment of ocular chronic GVHD with a scleral lens prosthetic device as a national network of clinical centers expands. February , Inspiring Minds: Meet women in science. Invited speaker. Museum of Science, Boston MA. April 29, Carrasquillo, Ana Sleeper, and Deborah S. American Academy of Optometry Annual Meeting. Carrasquillo Intacs for keratoconus and post-Lasik ectasia. The John E. Asarkof Residency Conference. May 18th, Carrasquillo Gas permeable contact lens, solutions, and designs.

Carrasquillo, Ronald K. Watanabe Custom Bi-Symmetrical lens fit provides viable alternative for irregular corneas in advanced keratoconus. December , San Diego, CA, Miller, Evangelous S. Gragoudas, and Anthony P. May , Fort Lauderdale, Fl, Carrasquillo, Ioannis Rigas, Joan W. Carrasquillo, Joseph A. Ricker, Ioannis K.

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Rigas, and Anthony P. Carrasquillo Biodegradable microspheres for sustained drug delivery: Applications for ocular drug delivery.

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Oral presentation. Carrasquillo, Adriana L. Poster selected for oral presentation. Carrasquillo, Cheryll Sanchez, and Kai Griebenow Structure-guided encapsulation of proteins in biocompatible polymers. Carrasquillo, Rocio A. Cordero, Henry R. Costantino, Marco Mummenthaler, Chung C. Carrasquillo, H. Costantino, C.

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All rights reserved. This online information is provided for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice. Karen G. Senior Staff Click a photo to read that person's biography. Sara Yost. Manoel Carvalho, Manager of Lab Operations. Darlene Riordan, Clinical Manager.

The island is now controlled by others, who are this time hunting criminals who got away with their crimes. The first is a short science-fiction story set in a prison. The second, is a horror-science fiction story. Next is another fantasy story by Nancy A.

And finally a short story dealing with a ronin, a masterless Japanese samurai. Then another fantasy story by Hansen. Next is a Charles St. This is an original occult detective series by Reynold. And finally a short Christmas story. Then we have the first of P. The Silver Manticore is a blending of several pulp and serial characters. See my previous posting for more on him. Then we have the first story of modern female detective Aloha McCoy. Finally, we get a comic story that introduces The Rapier , a movie star turned pulp hero. We conclude the Hawk story from the previous issue. Then we get a short suspense story.

Here he teams up with re-animated crime-lord, The Stiff. But I put them on the bed, to make sure that my verses were true to life. There is still so much room for happiness in my breast! And everywhere I look, I see quotations from my yet unwritten books. In a poem a word is not equal to its meaning as it is defined in a dictionary, because either the meaning in a poem is totally different, or it is the same but a thousand times more precise. Drafts in my notebook are written in a barely legible scribble; fair copies are in impeccable calligraphy.

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I write to equalize the pressure from without and from within, to prevent being squashed by misery or being blown apart by happiness. Counted the poems I wrote this year: of them. The primacy of poetry: in its origins, European prose goes back to The Lives of the Troubadours. I put words into poems the way I pack a suitcase for a trip abroad, choosing only what is the most necessary, the most presentable, the lightest, and the most compact.