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The Prophecies of Pythia Pendant

Viewers saw a flashback during first episode of season five which showed a young Cersei Lannister visit a fortune teller called Maggy, near her childhood home of Casterly Rock. Cersei was unsure whether the answer she got to the first question confirmed that she would become a Queen, so she asked it directly as her second question.

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Maggy claimed that the king would have 20 children, which came true with Robert fathering several children outside of marriage, including his son Gendry. Maggy then said that Cersei would only have three children, which became Joffrey, Myrcella and Tommen, although it suggests that her current pregnancy claims could be false.

She also revealed that the three children would wear crowns, but also implied that she would live longer than all of them. Many fans have suspected that this points to either Tyrion Lannister or Jaime Lannister eventually becoming the person that kills her, although some people now suspect that this could instead be Euron Greyjoy, who is also a younger brother.

On the show, Geillis, Reverend Campbell, and the reverend's sister, Margaret, have a conversation about the three sapphires in Dougal's treasure that had been passed down from father to son for generations. The show decides to make the Brahan Seer's prophecy more of a direction than a prophecy: a seer must hold all three sapphires at once and then that person will know when the new Scottish king will rise. When Margaret, a seer, holds the sapphires at the governor's ball, she has a vision and says, "When twice 1, moons have coursed, 'tween man's attack and woman's curse, and when the issue is cut down, then will a Scotsman wear a crown.

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Geillis and the reverend then have a conversation discussing Margaret's vision, so as to plainly lay out for viewers what that all means. Basically, it means that a child who is born years after he or she was conceived must be "cut down" and then a new Scottish king will rise. So Brianna is not the ruler; Brianna is the child who must be "cut down," because years passed between when Claire and Jamie conceived her and when she was actually born.

Interestingly, the show's version of the prophecy now means that anyone could be king.

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There is no mention of the king having to spring from Lord Lovat's lineage. But it does mean that Brianna's life may be in danger, from Geillis or someone else who finds out about Brianna's existence, because Scotland will not gain independence until Brianna dies, according to the prophecy.

Daniel 8 The Mystery of the Ram and The Goat (2018) Prophecy Revealed

It's an interesting change. It makes the immediate stakes a little more clear and also perhaps allows the show to never mention the prophecy again, which we can get into after the season three finale next week no spoilers here as to what may or may not happen. Image Source: Starz.

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A character we haven’t seen in a while could play a key role.

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