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I think we should do this systematically. Attacking to construct a moyo The easiest to grasp method of benefiting from an attack is to use the stones you gained by attacking to construct a large territorial framework.

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You can think of it as building your moyo in sente. The pitfall is oftentimes we attack and instead of building a framework we push our opponent into our potential. Another common mistake is to play bad shape or misread and somehow let our opponent punch through our blockade, spoiling what we spent so much time and energy to build. First, lets look at some examples of building a moyo through attacking.

Take this fine specimen of a group.


White has just played x, trying to strengthen his very weak group on the right side. Black is stroking his chin in a nefarious manner, planning on how to use this weak group to his advantage. Do a little thinking before going onto the next page. Remember, A is high so it can build potential.

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How to attack? Black 1 and 3 are pretty easy to understand as they are normal responses to when our opponent plays a shoulder hit against us. What you have to love is a move like Black 5. It strikes right at the heart of Whites shape, keeping it fragile and weak. Black plays the important move of 7, which covers White from the center.

Now Whites escape route towards the center is totally sealed off. White creates some weakness in Blacks shape by banging around, but at the same time Black is slowly building up influence facing the center. After White captures the two Black stones and lives, Black covers the center with 19, linking all of his stones into one cohesive fighting force. When you see the moves played out, the direction we should attack seems so simple. What Weiqi forces us to do is to visualize our moves ahead of time.

Maybe you werent as exact or you didnt find the hard hitting moves like Black 5, but if you were aiming to attack the White group to encircle the center, you get a gold star. Read Free For 30 Days. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Other publications: So you want to play Go? Sven Svenson. Kim Chittam. Louis Moon. Simon Eduerte. Spiros Tramountanas. The Enclave. Kien Vu. Vojislav Velickovic. Igor Seidl. Danut Tir. Andrew Brown. Carmelo Gestoni. Paulo Poft. Cenk Aslan.

Learn to Play Go - Vol. Cristiano Ferrari. Margaret Tinsay. Always keep in mind which pieces you currently need for your strategy. Beware: your Level 10 Courier will give you access to expensive and rare pieces, but at the same time the chances of you getting cheaper and more basic ones in your roll will decrease.

So if you need the more basic pieces, you may want to reconsider leveling up your Courier too much. As you can see, in Dota Auto Chess, you need to strategize beforehand and make sure you are aware of all the game mechanics.

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Each has 3 upgrade levels. Upgrading pieces is a must if you want to succeed in Dota Auto Chess. Starting pieces are always at Level 1. Each piece has its own strengths compared to other pieces of the same level, but the difference between a Level 1 piece and a Level 2 piece is really huge. Make the most of high level pieces, even if they do not match your current combination of pieces, especially at the beginning of the game. Remember that you can upgrade 3 druids into one, but doing that would be very costly for your economy.

If you want to get a next level druid, it is better to choose 2 of the same druids, with the third being a different one. For example, two Treant Protectors and one Enchantress. Sound confusing? With these, you can purchase in-game cosmetic items, mostly new Couriers to change the default donkey. Candies are given to players depending on their final game results in a particular chess match.

If you managed to be among the Top 3, a certain amount of candies will be yours for sure.

Candies are also rewarded for knocking out players. The more players you knock out, the more candies you will get at the end of the game. If you have the required amount of candies, click on the roll button to get a random courier, which costs 40 candies. You can also choose a rare courier, but the type of rare courier available and its price changes from time to time. Note that you might also get a duplicate of the courier you already have.

But worry not: the developers have created an exchange tool, where you can exchange couriers of a certain type for a rarer one. You can also sell a duplicate Courier for 10 candies. The hierarchy is listed below. The Pawn is the basic rank for every player, while the Queen is the highest rank. In each of the above categories, there are steps that are numbered Once you reach the highest step, you will move up to the next rank. For example, once you reach Pawn-9, the next rank will be Knight New Season: Claim you reward for S0: Mystery now in the game!

The higher the ranking achieved, the better the reward will be.

Level designer

The season began on May 1. The beginning of each match in Dota Auto Chess starts the same way, no matter what. In the first three waves, you will battle against Creeps for experience and perhaps acquire some items in the process as they sometimes leave items when you kill them. Items are also a very important part of the game. Throughout the match, you will face the Creeps again, but they will obviously get stronger and stronger each time you meet them.

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  6. Multiple items can be combined into one better item. AI hopes you have found this guide useful. We also suggest you to have a look at the list of videos of top-level Dota Auto Chess players below. How to install Auto Chess for Dota 2? Download Dota 2 2. Every round, you get a basic amount of gold. For rounds 1, 2, and 3, you get 1, 2, and 4 gold pieces respectively.

    Starting from round 5, you get 5 gold.