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How do you build a profitable website?

Janet now teaches others in her online course how to transcribe online and work from home as a transcriptionist. Learn more about how you can become a transcriptionist here. You can make extra income by becoming a virtual assistant. This is something that I started doing after I created my blog.

I like to be diversified just in case anything does happen to one of my other extra income streams yes I realize that I am not fully diversified because a lot of my extra income is earned online — just in different ways. There are many things that you can do as a virtual assistant. You can manage the social media of a business, website, etc. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, and everything else , handle the newsletter, work on the website, proofread and edit, do market research, handle emails, and so on.

The list is really endless. Are you interested in becoming a virtual assistant?

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Don't forget to also read about what exactly a virtual assistant does. Below is a snippet of it. Just a few years ago, I never thought I would be staff writing, and I never even thought about it. But once I began, I really started to enjoy it. How are people supposed to know that you are looking for a freelance writing position? The e-mail came out of nowhere, but after I received it, I started looking into staff writing further. Having a blog as talked about before , helped people find me and consider me for their staff writing positions.

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After that initial e-mail, I then posted on Yakezie a personal finance community with a great forum and stated that I was searching for a staff writing position. After I made the post on the forum, I received a couple of e-mails and this is what launched my staff writing career. The power of throwing yourself out there and just asking was definitely helpful for me.

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Also, there are the ProBlogger job boards, and there are a lot of staff writing positions on there. I know of a couple of people who have found their positions through that website. Many different industries are looking for people to transcribe audio into text.

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For example, podcasters like to have their episodes transcribed into text to post online. You can learn how to transcribe and find great work here. If you have some programming talents, you can create an iPhone or Android app and sell it in the App Store. Many people have found success with creating both games and regular apps. The trick is to find an unmet need and harness it. Do you know how to do calligraphy? You could sell your handwriting on sites like Etsy for a great price.

Many people are searching for individuals to write in calligraphy, especially for invitations and stationary for special occasions. Are you a good teacher?

There’s No Substitute for Experience

Do you have an area of expertise that you teach or help others in already? You could create an online course around that topic and sell it. Sites like Udemy allow anyone to create an online course and then sell it through their platform. There are courses for everything, so don't worry if you think that your topic is too obscure. Do you speak another language? If so, you could be come a translator. There is translation work that is needed across a variety of platforms — from people speaking to written translation work.

Sites like LiveTranslation. Call centers are vital to a lot of businesses. What if you could become a call center operator at home? You can, and sites like LiveOps allow anyone to join and become an on-demand call center agent. There are some steps you have to take, but it can be a great side income stream if you get started. Doing voice-over work is becoming incredibly popular, especially with the rise of video and podcasting.

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If you have a great voice, and a simple microphone setup at home, you could get paid to do voice over work for people and businesses. Did you ever see the short-lived TV show shipping wars? This was a show about people offering to ship stuff around the country for others. Well, it's real, and sites like uShip connect people that need to ship stuff with drivers and carriers with trucks that can do the work. If you have a truck, this could be a great way to make money.

44 Ways To Make More Money

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a great freelancing gig for those that are analytical. Renting your stuff is a great way to make some extra money, especially when you're in college. Don't think you have much to rent? You'd be surprised.

One of my best friends did this — he bought a 4 bedroom house his freshman year and rented out 3 of the rooms. The rent from the roommates covered the rent and all the expenses, and he was able to pocket a small profit each month. By the time he graduated college, he had two rentals and a house for himself. Get started on AirBNB if you have a great place to list. If you have a car that you're not using because you're spending all your time on campus studying, maybe it's time you put it to use by renting it. Turo is a service that allows you to rent your car to others, and get paid for it.

They make it easy, and for college students, it could be an easy win-win. Do you have stuff in your garage that you don't use anymore? Maybe a bicycle or camping gear? Maybe it's something that you do use, but not very often. If you want to put your stuff to work for you, consider using a service like Rentything , which allows you to rent almost anything you own.

You just create your own rental shop and list items to rent. People contact you and pay you online through the platform. A simple and easy way to boost your income!

A similar site is Zilok. If you own a home and have extra space you're not using in your garage, or maybe a side driveway, you could rent that space to people that need to store their boat or RV. The website JustPark.