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Baker fought in the Grass Fight and participated in the final assault on the city in early December. Cos's troops were defeated and marched out of Texas. With no Mexican troops remaining in Texas, many Texans believed the war was over.

Arms Control and Disarmament

Men, including Baker, left the army to return to their families. Texan commander William B. Travis sent dispatches around the region, begging for reinforcements.

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On February 29, Baker joined the militia newly organized at San Felipe. He was elected captain of the company, which had about 30 members. He marched them to the east bank of the Guadalupe River, about 1 mile 1. Sam Houston arrived in Gonzales about 4 pm on March He announced that the Convention of had declared Texas an independent nation and read the men the Texas Declaration of Independence.

INTERVIEW: Jackie Gingrich Cushman on Book 'The Essential American'

The new interim government had placed Houston in charge of the recruits gathered in Gonzales. The following day, Houston organized the army. All of the companies gathered, including Baker's, were placed into the First Regiment of Infantry, with Edward Burleson in charge.

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They returned on March 13 with Susanna Dickinson , who had been inside the Alamo during the battle. Dickinson warned that more than 2, Mexican troops were on their way to Gonzales. Local citizens panicked; Houston ordered an immediate retreat, promising that his new army would protect the citizens as they fled.

Baker and the rest of the army marched for 26 of the next 38 hours. Texian volunteers flocked to Houston's force. Baker helped with the recruitment; on March 22 he wrote a letter to the Telegraph and Texas Register , calling for volunteers and asking the women of Texas to convince their husbands and sons to join.

Baker and Captain Wyly Martin absolutely refused to retreat further.

Instead, he gave each of them orders to remain behind and protect key crossings along the Brazos. At this point, Baker had about 40 men with him. His company built fortifications along the east bank of the Brazos, directly across the river from San Felipe. The men had escaped after the Battle of Refugio and were searching for the remainder of the Texian army.

Hardaway , joined Baker's company. He informed Houston this ought to be a large enough number to hold the crossing against the Mexican army. On March 29, scouts Deaf Smith and John York mistook a cattle drive for a cavalry troop and informed Baker that the Mexican army was only a few miles from his position.

Moseley Baker - Wikipedia

Baker ordered that the town be burned, saying Houston had ordered it so. Santa Anna's troops marched into San Felipe at dawn on April 7. Knowing that the Mexican army was close, on April 6 Baker had ordered his men to hide all the boats and rafts along the river. He then sent three men as pickets on the west bank.

Private Bill Simpson took the third watch, and promptly fell asleep. The Mexican advance guard captured him; the other two escaped and made it to safety with the rest of Baker's troops. Simpson told Santa Anna everything he knew - that Houston was at Groce's Landing with an army numbering approximately men, and that the Texian army meant to retreat all the way to the Trinity River if the Mexican army crossed the Brazos.

Throughout that day and the next, Baker's troops were under near-constant fire from Mexican snipers and artillery. Bonus Lists: American Presidents and their presidential parties , all 50 states with their capitals and year of admittance to the Union , etc. Cushman, J. The essential American: a patriot's resource : 25 documents and speeches every American should own. Cushman, Jackie Gingrich and Newt. Cushman, Jackie Gingrich. My Account.

The Essential American

Log Out. Search for. Advanced Search. Logged In As. Find More. Online Collections. Need Help? YouTube Channel. Starting with the crucial documents of our founding, Cushman introduces and explores each speech and document in its historical context, explaining why it belongs in the American canon.

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Reflections on America's origins, like Calvin Coolidge's "Inspiration of the Declaration of Independence" and Daniel Webster's "Discourse, Delivered at Plymouth" were delivered in times of peace and prosperity. General Dwight D. Many of these documents and speeches were prepared for public dissemination while others, like Abigail Adams' letter to her husband, began as the private thoughts of citizens meditating on the course of the nation.

Some were instantly hailed as great, such as Martin Luther King, Jr. All of them contain enduring lessons for Americans today and demand a place in our hearts and on our bookshelves. With its handy lists of presidents and first ladies, vice presidents, and justices of the Supreme Court, a timeline of important events in American history, and a BONUS DVD of more than 1, documents, The Essential American: 25 Documents and Speeches Every American Should Own is a vital resource for all Americans seeking to better understand the legacy they have inherited.

And those of us lucky enough to have been taught the real, unapologetic history of our great nation always need a refresher. Jackie has compiled the speeches and documents you read in history class--or wish you'd read--and introduced each one with interesting historical details and explanations of how it shaped the character of America. Pick up this unique resource for the history of our nation. You'll return to it again and again as you're reminded of why you're proud to be an American.