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Fair play refers to all participants having an equitable chance to pursue victory and acting toward others in an honest, straightforward, and firm and dignified manner even when others do not play fairly. It includes respect for others, including team members, opponents, and officials. Character refers to dispositions, values, and habits that determine the way that person normally responds to desires, fears, challenges, opportunities, failures, and successes, and is typically seen in polite behaviors toward others, such as helping an opponent up or shaking hands after a match.

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Jesus Christ Rainy go get laid already, that kind of sin may set your delusional mind free. Nobody ever does anything evil in the name of Atheism eh? Atheism itself isn't a principle, cause, philosophy, or belief system which people fight, die, or kill for. Being killed by an atheist is no more being killed in the name of atheism than being killed by a tall person is being killed in the name of tallness.

Atheism also isn't a belief system or ideology which can, by itself, inspire people to do things — good or bad.

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Menno, you missed the obvious connection here. Those regimes you named are Communist. Atheism was not the cause of those deaths.

It's not like when the catholic church declared war on the jews during the Inquisition, or even the Crusades. It's more like when the catholic conquistadors brought their germs and weapons to the Americas steal gold and land from the natives, resulting in millions killed. MennoKnight wrote: "Nobody ever does anything evil in the name of Atheism eh? Here we go again with this garbage. It doesn't make any sense to associate ruthless rulers with any religion or lack thereof. One could just as easily argue that Pol Pot was a Buddhist, Stalin a Christian he waffled away from religion and then back to it when it was politicially necessary for him to do so , Hitler a Christian, etc.

That kind of broad association shows nothing of any use. What is of more use than trying to associate a few wacko rulers with religion is to shed light on how much evil is done in the name of Christianity's key figure by the twisted tenets of the Catholic church. That's not a wacko here and there, that's a whole extremist organization. If I devoted my life to promoting belief in leprechauns and fairies, what would you think? That I'm nuts? That I'm wasting my life on nonsense? That I should spend time and money doing real good?

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That, my religious friends, is how your stubborn belief in imaginary gods appears to non-believers. The so-called masses' achievements can only be measured in hind-sight. The "greatness" the author refers to is human vanity. At least the ancients respected—indeed, glorified man and his strengths instead of stuffing their faces with Chik Fil Hate gutbombs. The ancient Greeks who had the money and ability to overeat, did it just as much as do.

We just have more of an ability and prosperity than the ancient Greeks did. Atheism i s a far more phony religion than those they seek to denigrate. Atheists cry If I cannot see it,it cannot be. How "God Like ". Atheism is a lack of belief, not a belief. Theburden of proof is upon those who make fantastical magic claims, such as people who claim they know a god and that he is somehow more real than any of he other ten thousand gods the human race has invented over time.

Please educate yourself on a subject matter before you post a statement that is so far off base it clearly establishes you as ignorant. Atheism is not a belief or a religion. Spend a little bit of time and learn for once! So, DV, you find virtue in believing in something for which there is no proof? Do you think it's good and right for adults to believe in vampires and elves? Or does this virtue only apply to believing in your particular delusion?

Why might that be? Is it because when you look at the complete lack of evidence, you start to doubt too? Anyone who throws around the "dictionary says" in order to attempt to try to call black white is a fool who doesn't know what the dictionary does say AND doesn't understand basic logic.

Definition of ATHEISM 1 archaic : ungodliness, wickedness 2 a : a disbelief in the existence of deity b : the doctrine that there is no deity. If you tell me there is no god or that the world is flat, you are stating your belief AND you are claiming knowledge that others do not have. So, you are wrong on the dictionary for one and you fail in basic logic. And you attempt to claim more knowledge and intelligence and maturity than those who have a theistic belief????

If you want to bring the dictionary into this debate let us look at the word "delusional".

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I won't post it but it is a mental disorder based on someone having a belief that someone or something is watching them. So by the dictionary's definition you have a mental disorder. Would you agree? Who's the intelligent one now there Jimmy Boy. Are you there? What happened? John: Bill Maher may be your idea of a philosopher but I would not insult my ears with his words nor my eyes with his visage. To each his own. So you will remain uneducated, uninformed and close minded? That's not the solution. You need to open that mind of yours and consider and question what you think to be true.

You might find that your wrong. Kind of scary, right? What are you afraid of? The truth or being wrong? The CNN Belief Blog covers the faith angles of the day's biggest stories, from breaking news to politics to entertainment, fostering a global conversation about the role of religion and belief in readers' lives.

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From grief to grace. Creationists taunt atheists in billboard war.

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    The Searchers : A Quest for Faith in the Valley of Doubt

    Sorry, retweeting the pope won't get you out of hell. Church without God — by design.