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We thought Simon would have received a more violent death instead of one of honor where the two fought to the death. Now, he's living out the rest of his days as a walker chained to the Sanctuary. It was a bigger surprise when things quickly took a dark turn and Jocelyn betrayed that friendship only to steal the children of Alexandria for her own survival in the zombie apocalypse. It was kill or be killed as Michonne was forced to stab Jocelyn in the chest or risk the chance of losing Judith and her unborn child.

It was an unthinkable decision and devastating to watch. It was a reminder that when it comes to survival, the scariest thing in the zombie apocalypse may not be the undead. Despite being an original cast member, T-Dog wasn't exactly a major character in the series. Henry's death was a big change up from the comics as he took over King Ezekiel's death. We were less shocked to see Henry die since his story has focused heavily around dodging the Whisperers after he convinced Alpha's daughter, Lydia, to ditch her old life in the communities.

His time was up. You can't escape them forever. The moment brought his story full circle. While David's death was adapted straight from the comic, it wasn't one we were expecting to see play out nearly frame by frame. For those who aren't fans of Negan, it may have been a surprise to see him kill one of his own men for attempting to rape Sasha. The only member of the Anderson family that had the slightest chance of surviving outside of Alexandria was Jessie.

Unfortunately, she refused to let go of her dying son's hand and was dragged down into a throng of hungry zombies as well. In the end, she met the same death as her character in the comic series.

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The real shock was that he took Glenn down with him. The bigger shock? That the showrunners tortured fans with a " did they?

Benjamin was just starting to get interesting when he was shot by the Saviors. He had his whole life ahead of him and was working with Morgan as a mentee much like how Morgan worked with his friend Eastman. It's not just the undead you have to watch out for in the zombie apocalypse. We were definitely surprised Tara took Rosita's comic death, but Tara hasn't been given too much to do this season.

She was kind of taking over the Hilltop in Maggie and Jesus' absence, but then Daryl stepped in when the Whisperers showed up at the community. Lizzie was clearly a tortured young girl, but nobody expected to see her standing over her dead sister and Judith with a knife in her hand. Luckily, Judith left the scene unharmed.

the undead and the dying going home preview Manual

Bob certainly didn't play a pivotal role in the group, but his relationship with Sasha and overall kick-butt mentality was gold. Maggie has a zero-tolerance policy with anyone threatening the life of her or her son, Hershel. After giving Gregory numerous chances, he went too far when he tried to have Maggie murdered and subsequently pulled a knife on her himself.

Gregory's hanging went down almost exactly as it does in the comics. Henry snuck up from behind and drove a spike right through the back of Gavin's neck. This death was a bit of a bummer more than an outright shock. Out of all the Saviors, Gavin seemed like one of the few characters who would have been able to turn over a new leaf and work toward a united front between Negan and Rick's men that Carl envisioned.

Unlike some of Negan's other top men, Gavin seemed like the Savior you could reason with the most. Right before his death, he told his men to get Ezekiel a pillow to make him comfortable. Does that sound like an awful guy? Enid was the pike death that shocked us the most. We thought her death would have gone to Alden or a member of Magna's new group of survivors.

She said her storyline felt like it was starting to have nowhere else to go. The back-half of season nine was really becoming less about her character as an independent, strong character and more about a relationship and that bummed her out a little. Shane needed to go.

The Undead and the Dying (Instance)

After the stunt he pulled with Otis, it was only a matter of time. On the other hand, Shane was a huge character in the series, so seeing him finally go was a bit of a shock. The self-serving brute turned over a new leaf. In his final act, he took out a bunch of the Governor's men to protect his brother and Rick's group before getting mercilessly beaten and shot by the Governor himself.

Sure, it was straight out of the comics, but it was still just plain savage. Yes, Shiva's death was sad and a nod to her last moments in the comic; however, it was easy to see this death coming. It's been hinted at since San Diego Comic-Con's season eight trailer for the show. The night of her big farewell, you could feel the show prepping for her death by having Ezekiel give one last big monologue about how much the tiger meant to him.

Plus, it didn't seem like the show could keep up with the CG of keeping the character around forever. This was probably the worst kept secret in the show's history. After Glenn's dumpster debacle earlier in season six , it felt like the show continuously teased his potential death. By the time the season seven premiere rolled around many fans weren't too shocked that Glenn was among the characters to get a bat to the head.

Ever since she was captured by Negan's men it looked like she was going to take the fate of another character from the comics. When flashes of her and her old lover Abraham started playing on screen throughout the season seven finale, we knew Sasha's time wasn't long.

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The biggest surprise was how the show changed Sasha's death. Instead of Negan's men killing her and throwing a sack over her head to return her to Rick — which happens with another character — Sasha died on her own terms, sacrificing herself in the hopes that she would be able to bite Negan or kill another Savior. Olivia's death was not only shocking because it was so sudden and quick, but also because it strayed far from the comic series where she lasted longer. As well, Olivia Ann Mahoney was one of the few characters who wasn't afraid to stand up to Negan and refuse him.

It was something that resonated with fans, making her death more bittersweet. After taking care of Judith and becoming one of Carol's closest friends in the group, it was pretty shocking to see Tyreese get the boot. At the time, Sasha had just recovered from her boyfriend Bob dying only to deal with her brother's death shortly afterward. One of the big players in the comics and TV show, Tyreese ended up dying from not one, but two walker bites to the arm.

This is a character who was decapitated in the comics and his TV death fell a bit flat for a character that was so important in the series.

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  7. Instead, fans watched an entire episode dedicated to Tyreese hallucinating until he succumbed. After he learned one of his Savior outposts was kidnapped by the Hilltop, Simon was ready to march straight to Maggie for revenge. Negan stopped him and sent him off to see Jadis and the Scavengers instead. Though he was given orders to kill only one of Jadis' people, Simon's rage got the better of him and he shockingly ordered everyone but Jadis to be killed on sight.

    Fans haven't been happy with the junkyard gang for some time, but no one expected them to be killed off so cleanly in one clip. Rick and his crew searched for Carol's daughter all season. Her fate was grim, but not nearly as grim as it could've been if the show writers had decided to follow through with the death she had in the comic series. Fans can be thankful that her comic series fate didn't follow through , but it was still a surprise to see her die before saying goodbye to Rick and spending any real time with her baby.

    If you weren't floored yet, it probably hit you moments later when Rick and the group broke down at the realization of Lori's death once they saw the baby. After surviving cannibals at Terminus, the wrath of the Governor, and making pals with Negan, Carl wound up at the mercy of a zombie bite to the side. What a way to go out. Fans were shocked at the initial reveal in December's mid-season finale. Carl's still alive in the comic series of the same name and has become one of the main protagonists as his father is getting older. By then, it was no secret if you were following the show.

    Actor Chandler Riggs himself did an interview with The Hollywood Reporter after it was revealed he was bit and he confirmed his character was getting killed off the show. Riggs shared he had one more episode on the show. He worked for five years to get that show on the air. It was a complete shock to see Morales taken out ruthlessly by Daryl an episode after his huge return to the series. Noah's demise wasn't even his own fault and that's what makes his death all the more tragic.

    The only thing that made it worse was watching Glenn's face as his friend was eaten alive while he couldn't do anything to stop it or ease his pain. Jesus thought he had survived a massive group of walkers. As he went to kill the last one, the walker sidestepped and stabbed Jesus through the middle from behind with a giant sword before telling him he didn't belong there.

    It may have come as a massive shock to some fans since Jesus is still alive in the comics and has a pretty prominent role. This death isn't ranked higher on our list since it was rumored for months that Payne's character was getting killed off the show. There was a segment of die-hard fans who saw it coming. I much rather be that than hang around at the Hilltop for another few years. After Denise snagged an orange soda for her girlfriend Tara a clear sign of true love , the showrunners put an arrow straight through her head.

    No one expected Denise to meet his fate. Hershel wasn't gruesomely decapitated in the comics. Instead, he asked for his life to be taken by the Governor after one of his son Billy was killed. Hershel received more of a heroes' death on the show.