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Where was God now?

Life Is Great and Gettin' Better!

It turned out that the brain swelling visible on the scan that was causing my symptoms was actually most likely caused by the radiation and possibly some dead cancer cells. In the end it turned out OK, but God was teaching me through the episode not to let setbacks and difficulties shake my trust in him.

Through It All

He was with me the whole time, in spite of outward appearances. Since then, the fight continues with a new treatment plan, several types of chemo, and the new Optune device. Side effects and symptoms remain minimal. There was a ton of support from family, friends, churches and others. I got a package from a youth group in California that is praying for me and a message from a group of Christians in Nepal who are praying for me.

There was a benefit at my school and several others at local churches to help me and my family. We got to go on a family vacation to Florida. I can drive again, and I am back to teaching classes and coaching wrestling. So there is a lot of evidence of the goodness of God and answered prayers in my life. Please join me in giving thanks! But the emotional and spiritual roller coaster goes on. The hills are a little smaller than some previous ones, but there are still ups and downs.

So the ups and downs are still there. Sometimes God seems very present and his promises seem so real. Other times God seems more distant.

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The important thing for me to remember is that the thing that is changing is not God but my circumstances. The reality is that no matter how much or little I perceive him, he is always there through it all. He is with me through it all. I like it when I perceive his presence because that brings a lot of peace and comfort to me as I continue the fight against cancer.

These things have been on my mind for a while, and it feels good now that I have had a chance to put them in writing. My circumstances and condition have changed a lot. No matter what changes, for good or for bad, God is here through it all.

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Please keep praying for God to give me health, healing and greater trust in his promise to be with me as the fight continues. And please keep my family in your prayers too. When all my thoughts are tumbling and my actions seem so fumbling I find it very humbling and up to you I look. You make my tumbled thoughts to flow into a gentle brook.

Pastor Brug, Thank you so much for continuing to share your story. To remind each other and the world of His awesome love. How blessed we are to be in the family of believers! How blessed to know Jesus- our dearest friend.

That in this life -through it all the highs, lows, and everything in between-He is there. That He sends Christian brothers and sisters from near and far to remind us all we are never alone. Jesus love for each of us is the only true constant in our lives. How blessed we are to know and share this awesome message!!! Dear brother we continue to pray for you and your family and thank you for your prayers as well. I pray through it all we would fix our eyes on Jesus — so in everything we might say It is well with me.

God bless and keep you. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Notify me of new posts by email. We were the last three journalists to leave the Times of India building in Chennai on Wednesday evening. We were told that the basement was completely flooded and the generators had to be shut down. The time was around 5. When we — my colleagues Bharani Vaitheeswaran, Shilpa Elizabeth and I — exited the building, located on upmarket Chamiers Road in Nandanam, we were surrounded by a furious current of knee-deep water.

Our office had done its best to accommodate us in a hotel nearby on Tuesday, but on Wednesday evening, the lights were out everywhere and the hotel was out of resources too. There was no point going there. Evaluating our options, we decided to leave our vehicles and walk back home. Information received through the day was that Defence Colony near Eekatuthangal and Ashok Nagar were among the worsthit areas after millions of litres of water was released from the nearby Chembarambakkam reservoir.

We decided to drop Shilpa at her place in TNagar first. And thus began our ordeal, on foot, at 6 pm on Wednesday evening.

The three of us waded through Chamiers Road and headed against the flow of current towards TNagar. As we reached the arterial Mount Road which we had to cross and head towards TNagar on Venkantnarayana Road, there were several people waiting not knowing in which direction to go. A group of youth at the major intersection on Mount Road told us it was okay to go till Thanikachalam Road where Shilpa lived, but they said it would be impossible to get past that.

After Shilpa got to safety, we found an open supermarket. They had no water nor candles but we bought some vegetables and canned juice as we did not know what the situation at home was. There were people wading through waters in both directions when we reached Venkatnarayana Road again. It was pitch dark. The only source of information about where we could tread was from the people who were walking in either direction. The person ahead of us was our navigation system. No official, no police, no army, no disaster recovery force, no coast guard, no one who we had earlier reported to have been pressed into action was anywhere to be seen.

We were in TNagar, a commercial hub in Chennai which now looked like one big raging river. We were learning techniques of wading through some serious water current.

Through It All Andrae Crouch

If we made it across the subway we would be close to home in Ashok Nagar. We looked in the direction of the subway and all we could see was a massive gush of flowing towards us. The current was so strong that it was pushing us back with terrible force. Faced with this difficulty we had to consider other options but we could not think on our feet.

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We were getting a bit disoriented after wading through water for two hours and there were long pauses in our conversations now. It was around 8 pm. After listening to some options from those around us, we decided to walk up to the West Mambalam railway station because it had an overhead bridge across the station. We continued walking through a submerged Ranganathan Street. On a normal day, Ranganthan Street is crowded with thousands of shoppers, but on Wednesday it was shrouded by an eerie silence apart from the roar of the water we were up against.