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I shoot duplicate files to dual cards and only large ones, so that I don't ever have to take them out of the cameras.

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I've only lost files due to card failure when opening the camera card door too quickly or losing a card. If I don't ever have to open the camera I believe I am less likely to corrupt a card, and certainly unlikely to lose one. The cloud is a great option, but possibly less so for high-volume shooters your uploads will never catch up.

How to Take Wedding Photos – Best Wedding Photography Tips

Oh, and be sure you're backing up your Lightroom catalogs, too. It's no fun to find out you have all of your files but none of your edits. Several pros suggested starting the card backup process as soon as time allows, even between the ceremony and the reception. Cameras are mechanical things. Many of them are electronic. Mechanicals and electronics have limited life spans. They will eventually fail and the Law of Murphy tells us that the failure will not happen while out taking snapshots—your gear will fail at the worst possible moment.

Pros need to be ready for this. Flagstaff, Arizona-based Jamelle Kelley incorporates her backup gear into the shooting rotation.

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The wedding day action happens fast and you can miss something by fussing with your camera. Know how to troubleshoot basic problems and have a strategy for WHEN, not if, things fail. Logistics is sometimes overlooked by shooters, since the emphasis is on capturing images. Tucson, Arizona-based shooter Kim Cota-Robles has some tips to share about how to manage your gear at the venue.

Beat wedding-shoot anxiety: Wedding photography tips from world-class pro Scott Robert Lim

The smaller one can be used during the ceremony without being intrusive, but the bigger one will house everything you need. There are often arts intertwined with the art of wedding photography, which come in the form of lighting, composition, location, and pose. Candid images are not posed, and group shots may only require basic adjustments, but when it comes to staging images with the bridal party, posing is as integral to the image as lighting and background.

It is often said that every photograph you take, even non-selfies, is a self-portrait.

1. Create a ‘Shot List’

Your photographic style defines your brand image. Versatility as a photographer is never a bad thing, but it might have negative effects on your wedding business. Find what you like and keep it that way. Showing different editing styles in your website is confusing to couples. As personal as our service is, from the client perspective you're still a business and they want to know what to expect from you.

The Wedding Photography Business Starter Guide

From your Web presence to your in-person meetings, your message about who you are and what you do needs to be consistent. The processing of your images needs to be consistent. Your ongoing communications must be consistent. When clients know what to expect from you, you're easy to work with and they can have confidence in their purchase.

Every mother and grandmother is looking for this simple portrait.

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This is a very important post and it has covered all important areas according to wedding photography. Really thanking for you for uploading this post. Please keep writing continuously. I'll recommended this article for all beginner photographers. I found another article also which has included some important factors regarding the wedding photography. This article also recommended for all.. Link : [Link removed. I am sorry, but we cannot publish external links, but I appreciate you trying to help photographers by sending them to another website with lots of great information.

I agree with all the tips provided in the article.

This a very well thought out blog, big thumbs up to you. I am Zach and Jodi is my better-half we also do wedding photography and destination weddings to see our work. Kindly visit our website:. Yes, i agreed with you advise, I am wedding photographer from Delhi, India, Looks my wedding portfolio and let me know what should i need to improvement or adding new things. This is a problem because hand-holding in low-light situations is almost a guarantee of having blurry photos because of the slow shutter speeds of low-light situations.

So, how do the pros get those crisp low-light shots in a setting like a church? So how high can you go? Besides reducing noise, a happy side effect is that it also smoothes skin.

See All Related Store Items. Now, the good news is that because they are working alone, they might be charging less though this is certainly not always the case. Understanding the limitations of natural light photography when it comes to variety and quality is even more important than whether or not a particular photographer is shooting natural light out of preference or necessity. Natural light photography is perfect for outdoor ceremonies and receptions that happen before sundown or venues that provide sufficient and specific photography-friendly lighting indoors.

As you can imagine, these requirements can be very limiting. What if it rains? What if your venue is poorly lit? What if your reception starts late and continues long after sunset? A good natural light photographer should still be able to make these situations work to some extent but there is no denying that it will have a serious impact on the type of service and product they can deliver.

Many ceremonies and receptions are not lit with photography in mind.

They are often dimly lit which, while it can be lovely for creating a certain sort of ambiance, is not ideal for photography.